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With today’s ever-changing technologies, regulation and competition, being able to effectively design and execute growth strategies is more important than ever. Privilege Group has experience helping companies develop and implement strategies that drive efficiencies, overcome barriers and achieve meaningful business outcomes. Privilege Group has helped organizations of all types identify opportunities, create value and reduce risk. We have worked with nonprofits and government entities and mid-market companies, in sectors including insurance, technology and many others. And our team members, many with Big Four backgrounds, will apply their niche expertise to help you improve performance and accomplish your short- and long-term business objectives.
Our Services
• Board and Executive Advisory: In addition to providing an objective assessment of governance procedures, we offer deliver succession planning and one-on-one counsel to key senior executives, ensuring that both your board and executives function as strategic assets.
• Staff Augmentation: We’ll supply you with quick, flexible access to the industry’s most talented professionals, allowing for successful completion of your most critical and time-sensitive projects.
• Management Accounting: We have deep financial reporting and control expertise to assist you with forwardlooking strategies for operational improvement.
Privilege Group offers even more specialized business consulting and advisory services tailored to your company's needs, including:


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